Grass Runners

Plains Grass runners mix for elven and human tribes, some intermingling not often.

Elven Grass Runners known as sword masters.
Human Grass Runners known for their rage powers.

Armitage McMacion leads the patrols.

Julius Deane McMacion leads the tribe.

Wagons arcanely bigger on the inside than the outside.
Chief’s wagon styled as a hunting lodge. Multiple swords and hides scattered throughout the room.

Blood feuds often currently with the Orges.

Two Elven tribes the McMacion (value pearls) tribe and MacAlister

Three Humans Tribes of Anstruther, Darroch, and Kinnaid

Central plains used as burial site for both humans and elfs, humans used cairns elfs use burial trees. Trees protected with magic and plants. Cairns not protected.

Grass Runners

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