Pathfinder Episodic Story Arcs

Session 11
Towards Heldrin
Session 10
Elven Tasks

We headed south into the plains. We began tracking our foes, but continued to run into what were apparently illusions with which they attempted to cover their tracks. Deep into the area we found a deep shaft into the ground covered by an illusion.

We departed the area around the shaft, and made camp. There we were attacked by 2 Ogres. Looting their bodies we found wands that had been used for concealing their tracks and lair. We also found XXX.

1 Wand of Obsidian Rocks Illusion
1 Wand of Magical Aura

Before we had completed are rest we spotted another group of Ogre’s moving in to assail us – three in total.

Session 9
Onto the plains

Our inquiry about the painting finally bore results. The artist was one Philip Gibson. He is well known for doing scenes from a Goblin Conflict some 10 years ago. However, he hasn’t been seen in nearly as many years.

After rousting early we collected the mounts we had either purchased or rented, and the appropriate equipment. We departed East by SE seeking the Plains Runner Elves to assist them in their conflict with the Ogres. While moving through the the tall grass prairie we spotted a haze to the east, which we assumed would be their camp, and movement to the south, for which we had no good explanation.

We veered south to check out the movement. Atop a rise we found a campsite from which we spied an approaching patrol consisting of an Ogre and four Goblins. Using stealth, we took positions atop the crown of the hill and began whittling away the goblins at range. Thaydron then used well placed magic to slow and halt their advance during which continued ranged attacks until only the Ogre, with his meager wounds, was left. We began to engage then both in melee and range, flanking when opportunity allowed. Soon, that horrid beast had also fallen.

The Ogre had been collecting the ears of my fallen kin and wearing them as a necklace. In fact, he had a bag of ears, not all of which were Elven, apparently collected as bounty. We believe we found the remains of Raeter Eron and Rutt, former companions of ours in the bag as well – though the ears could be from any of their kind.

Looting our foes we obtained 2 haunches Ham, and a total value of 58.15 gp. We obtained 5 gp from one Goblin, and 7 from another. The Ogre had a coin pouch with 3 pp, 15 gp, 10 sp, and 15 cp.

At the end of the conflict, a squad of responding Plains Runners led by Armitage McMacion arrived to investigate our enemies. He was quite knowledgeable, even recognizing my ancient dialect of Dusk Elven from the Realms of Abeir-Toril. I was warned that the dwarves here hale from both the Realm of Athas and this world of Oerth. They are known to hold great antipathy toward my kin. I discussed with him the bounties collected by the fiendish Ogre and the remains were collected to be put to rest properly. Then McMacion invited our troop back to the Elven Camp to collect the bounty on the Ogre.

The Ogres are apparently based someplace in the central plains. Together with the goblins they are working for an unknown person. If I were to speculate, given our own experiences – I believe they may be working for the same family assailing caravans in my home world. If that is the case, they could be using the Goblins to capture supplies on Toril and then creating a market for those supplies by using fiendish forces to attack their clients. If I caught such a monster at home, I should skin him alive one layer at a time using only a cactus needle for each elf he has gotten slain until the poison of their tips finishes him off. I shall relay all to my party at the earliest convenience.

XP: 468

Session 8
Enter the store and the Plot hooks
Session 7
Enter the Thieves Guild

Magic Dagger – +1 Defending Dagger
Magic Battleaxe – +1 Battleaxe
Magic Heavy Pick – +1 Throwing Heavy Pick
Magic Ring – Ring of Protection +1

Sold all masterwork weapons for 3372.08 gold.

The party was able to sell their items and identify the magic weapons. Later on Catkilla bought the best room in the inn for the party, after which he scouted the Henry mansion. Joe became ill and went to the priests for assistance and advice. The rest of the party decided to get some food at the tavern, but changed their minds when the chef turned out to be the main who had been giving them undue attention earlier in the day. A guard of the town’s watch was also paying the party a good deal of attention, and seemed to share a disappointed glance with the chef when the poisoning attempt failed. When Catkilla returned to the inn, he found himself to be locked out. After exploring for a way to get in, he gave up and went to sleep on the roof next to a chimney. The group was awoken near daybreak by a group of assassins picking the lock to the suite. When the battle was over, the party told the innkeeper of the attack and went to inform the constable. As they walked from the constable’s office back to the inn, Thaydron spoke to the constable about the chef and guard at the tavern. The constable said that the guard sounded like Henry’s brother. When the party returned the place was “clean” and the innkeeper, his family and his staff were all missing. The constable marshaled the remainder of his men and initiated a search for the missing persons and the perpetrators. The Gibson family might be involved with the thieves guild.

300 exp for Joe
450 exp for everyone else

Session 6
Into Ravengro

Raetor and Rutt left the party, deciding the trip wasn’t worth the money anymore. Met Catkilla and Neo of Sporin at their campsite and decided to join forces. Attacked by 7 goblins at the end of the first watch, killed 5. The loot porter goblin was unfortunately killed in a scuffle with Catkilla and Joe. Joe decided to carry all of the dwarven weapons in his backpack. Macarion took one of the light crossbows and 20 bolts; Neo took the other 20 bolts.

After breaking camp, we found the two escaped goblins met up with the tracks we were following, but we had fallen behind as they’d broken camp early. We tracked them as fast as we could manage, eventually finding a spot on the river where the goblins had built a raft while the human spy continued on foot. Farther along, we noticed a spot across the river where the raft had gone ashore, but we decided to keep following the human. We eventually game to Ravengro, where we spoke to the blacksmith about our weapons (he’s holding a warhammer, dagger and morningstar to look for buyers; gave Joe a receipt) and spy. He said he’d fixed the scale mail of someone who kind looked like that, and said the man’s name was Henry (description below).

“Henry Gibson”
black hair slacked back severe widows peak
scale mail
long sword
well worn dark leather backpack
red half cloak

We spoke to the general store keeper about Henry, and he seemed shifty about it. A member of the town guard was also at the store, and when we mentioned that Henry might be selling stolen goods, he said that we should tell the town constable. As they left, Joe told Catkilla that the store keeper was hiding information, so he should keep an eye on them while they talk to the constable. The guard mentioned to Thaydron that there was a druid’s enclave in town where he could board Shere Khan. Thaydron went over to the druids and found out that the party was actually on Oerth (Grayhawk).

The constable said that they were having issues with a local thieves guild, and he would look into the party’s issue if they would help him. He said that the dwarven city was a 7-8 hr stage coach ride away, or about a day’s walk.

D – church
F – general store
G – blacksmith
K – tavern
I – inn
J – house of worship
L – constable’s office (Constable Ordith)
M1 – lessor noble’s house

Finished session by meeting back up with Catkilla and heading to find journeymen magic-users to identify items and saw a person paying us too much attention signal towards the buildings in the direction we were heading.

100 exp for 1 tile
189 exp for 7 goblins
100 exp for story progression

Session 5
Through the portal Into the Wilds

Our group emerges from the caves out into an unknown area of the land and start to investigate the portal. I was able able to identify that the portal needs a key to return home. But the group of goblins and the man we are tracking seemed to have come this way. We need a master level Wizard to help use. We returned back to the battle field of dead goblins and camp for the night. We sleep throw the night without any events. The next day we follow the track of the groups of goblins to the South West, Near the days end we see the remnants of Durgar watch towers. This is unheard of to my knowledge. We traveled two day and saw a structure a few miles not in the direction of the tracks we are following. The next day we found a Bear cave and argued about why we should not stay in it’s cave. Reater found a good place to rest soon after. that night Thaydron realized the stars and moon do not match the sky of Fearun. The following day we work to help Thaydron to track the goblins faster. Moving past the hills of this region. After getting to a river we found a boat tied to a dock and moved across the river encountering a man and his sons to inform us about the area. Ravengro to the South west down the river past that is the kingdom of Fallen thorn. to the south east in the mountain have a dwarven kingdom Heldren. The plains runner to the far west. giving him a battle axe in exchange for the information and a months worth of food. The sons toke us down the river about an hour and we find the goblins trail making us only about 6 six behind then. leaving us in the evening about ready to camp

60 days trail rations.
440 EXP 2308 total.

Session 4
Enter the Prisoners

Macarion and Rutt are liberated from their imprisonment by the party. They determine to combine forces and work together for the common goals.

Behind false wall found (All masterwork unless noted as magical):
1 dagger, magic (Reater)
2 daggers
4 lt Maces
2 Morning Stars
3 Long Spears
2 Lt Crossbow
2 Hvy Crossbow (Rutt, Brother Joe)
80 Bolts
5 Throwing Axes
1 Battle Axe, magic: +1 Enhancement (Thaydron)
1 Battle Axe
1 Hvy Pick, magic(Brother Joe)
3 Hvy Picks
2 Warhammers
1 Grt Axe
1 Dwarven War Axe

Observed that a raiding party has left the area and decided to finish checking out the Goblin lair before going after the raiding party.

In the lair, we encountered a mite and giant centipede, 3 professional goblin soldiers, 4 goblins, 1 bugbear.

Captured and interrogated a goblin. Learned the bugbear was leader of the goblins. Things are coordinated with a human with whom about 10 goblins. Found a magic Ring: Protection +1.

100 g: 20 g ea.

XP: 508 ea.

Session 3
Into the Cave

Moved through the cave passages.

Found some giant centipedes and killed them.

Found another cave fisher. Killed it and managed to harvest its filament gland and another 60 ft silk rope.

In cave fisher cavern, found an arch over the water outlet that had dwarven runes (permanent alarm and expended fire trap) on it, as well as goblin tracks nearby.

Checked last cave branch and found a Darkmantle. Killed it when it attacked the party.

Went down water outlet and found a secondary mining shaft.

Found tracks belong to a bugbear, 10 goblins and the armored individual and the two goblins with him.

Found 2 doors of dwarven make in walls cut into the stone of the mineshaft, along with a small opening that seems large enough for small creatures to get through.

Opened one of the doors and found a room with a rubble surrounded pool and a pile of dusty furs that belonged to a caravan.

Pile of furs was trapped with 10 silver and 8 gold bells, which were retrieved when the trap was disabled.

Underneath the furs was a trap door that led down to a large room with three holding cells.

Two of the cells contained captured adventurers, whom we will escort from the cave.

Malleus and Cet will be heading back to the caravan to update Gorn on the situation.

Gained 860 exp, for a total of 1360.

Sesson 2 12/18/15
Enter Caravan

Confirmed Party received 180 exp each for the previous session

Thaydron determinged that the claws/mantis parts had no particular value

Thaydron found new set of tracks joining 3 sets in the past 30 minutes, following the week old wagon tracks into the brush

Thaydron identified the new set of tracks, sized like a goblin, but “gut” says not a goblin

Full party heads into the brush

Thaydron sees a camp after 30 minutes of walking

Raeter disabled a crossbow trap, kept a light crossbow sized for a small person, 1 quarrel

Brother Joe found 2 holes in the corner of the camp

Raeter found and disabled another crossbow trap, took only the quarrel

Holes determined to be latrine holes

Camp was clean, difficult to determine length of the stay, cleared out within last 24 hours

Wooden chest was found in a hole in the camp, 30 quarrels found in the box, 3 vials and a pouch

Vials identified as 1 Potion of Comprehend Languages, Death Watch, Cure Light Wounds. 10 gold, 30 silver

Raeter got caught trying to sleight of hand the gold, passed out the share to the group

Group returned to caravan with an hour or so of daylight remaining, made it to a campsite outside of the forest

Watch order is Malleus, Joe, Thaydron, Raeter

No events on watch

Found funeral pyre and graves along path. Joe said a prayer

Found burned wagon in forest, decided to proceed into the forest to follow the tracks from this week-old battle

Tracked to beetle protected entrance of a cave, determined beetles were harmless

Discovered that a screecher fungus blocked the entrance, killed it after taking minor damage

Entered the cave and went to the left, discovering a somewhat recently used torture chamber

Then discovered a pond with a Cave Fisher and killed it

Harvested 60 and 30 foot segments of the cave fishers filaments

320 exp was received for the evening


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