House Rules

Stat Generation
Each player receives 18,16,15, 13,12, and 10 for stats before racial modifiers. A player is allowed to subtract one for the 10 to turn it into a 9 to add one to any stat that is not already an 18.

Hit Points:
When rolling for hit points any roll under half can be rerolled. For example when rolling a D8 for hit points any roll under 4 would be rerolled until you got a number higher than 4.

Intimidate Optional Rule:

Anyone with strength 16 or higher can use their strength modifier for intimidate instead of charisma.


Medium speed track. Some bonus experience upon completion of a adventure.

Variant Rule: Free Actions Aren’t Free
Each round, a character can perform a number of free actions equal to 1 plus his Charisma modifier or Intelligence modifier (whichever is more), with a minimum of one free action allowed each round. This encourages characters with a higher Charisma or Intelligence — the leaders and planners — to coordinate the group even when they don’t have any talents that can come into play. Conversely, it encourages the heavy-hitters to “shut up and shoot” instead of trying to over plan their actions, thereby keeping the tempo of the fight moving along.

Characters/Players monster Information

Characters/Players know about Goblins, Orcs, Hobgoblins, Bugbears, Orges, Hill Gaints, and one monster of their choice.

Critical Fumbles:

When a Character or enemy rolls a critical miss (rolls a one) all other attacks are forfeited for that turn, no other effects occur.

Bigger Criticals:

In order to create a more heroic atmosphere Player characters and only player characters can continue to increase their critical hit multiplayer by rolling a 20 on a critical hit confirmation. This can be done multiple times if multiple 20s are rolled in a row. Multiples are only increased by x1 each time.

House Rules

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