Demi Plane Primer

Demi-Plane of Atonement

Many one way portals exist to and from Oerth and Abeir-Toril. People from Krynn and Athas have also been reported..The plane itself appears to be roughly only 300 years old according to records found in the Dwarven kingdom of Ledopolus.
Few people on the plane are native, most are from other realms of existence or other “planes” to start. In other words the vast majority of the population can trace their linage to another plane of existence even if they have few storied or memories remaining. The longer a person is on the plane the fewer details they are able to remember of past life. Visitors and people who end up settling frequently bring their culture and their religion to their new “home”.
Ao the overgod appears to control divine magic in behalf of the regular pantheons, though few who practice divine magic are aware of this fact. Advanced magics that enable a person to speak or travel to their god seems unhindered, but the gods rarely intercede on behave of their followers.
Arcane magic is handled similar to Toril by the “Weave”. Followers of different paths or methods of arcane magic appear to either hide any inability to practice magic or adopt to using the Weave.

Elven “kingdom” of Grass Runners. Nomadic sword masters. Traveling with wagons and large multicolor tents. Claim their origin is in the plane of Oerth.

Dwarven realm named Ledopolus under the mountains formed of 3 settlements and a above ground mining/military outpost. Trace linage to Athas as well as Toril.

Town of Ravengro settled by people from Oerth.

Town of Heldran settled by people from Krynn. Famous for its Mage’s Guild and Tower called The Tower to Lunitari.

Demi Plane Primer

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