Party Loot


Dagger of Defender +1
Jason 1 battle axe +1
Daniel 1 heavy pick of Throwing +1
Jason Ring of Protection +1
Whithers Elven Curved Blade +1 (From grass runners)

rod of false magic property / once a week CL7
rod of permanent image basalt rock pile /once a week CL8
Feather Token (Bird) – Delivers message.

Dead Dark Elf
Hand X-Bow
13 bolts
Masterwork Studded leather
2 MW short swords
2 vials of Green fluid
1 vial of blue fluid
1 Cloak pin ensignia
1 Camouflage cloak mirroring mist non-magical +5 to stealth while in mists also water proof.


Party Loot

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