Pathfinder Episodic Story Arcs

Sesson 2 12/18/15

Enter Caravan

Confirmed Party received 180 exp each for the previous session

Thaydron determinged that the claws/mantis parts had no particular value

Thaydron found new set of tracks joining 3 sets in the past 30 minutes, following the week old wagon tracks into the brush

Thaydron identified the new set of tracks, sized like a goblin, but “gut” says not a goblin

Full party heads into the brush

Thaydron sees a camp after 30 minutes of walking

Raeter disabled a crossbow trap, kept a light crossbow sized for a small person, 1 quarrel

Brother Joe found 2 holes in the corner of the camp

Raeter found and disabled another crossbow trap, took only the quarrel

Holes determined to be latrine holes

Camp was clean, difficult to determine length of the stay, cleared out within last 24 hours

Wooden chest was found in a hole in the camp, 30 quarrels found in the box, 3 vials and a pouch

Vials identified as 1 Potion of Comprehend Languages, Death Watch, Cure Light Wounds. 10 gold, 30 silver

Raeter got caught trying to sleight of hand the gold, passed out the share to the group

Group returned to caravan with an hour or so of daylight remaining, made it to a campsite outside of the forest

Watch order is Malleus, Joe, Thaydron, Raeter

No events on watch

Found funeral pyre and graves along path. Joe said a prayer

Found burned wagon in forest, decided to proceed into the forest to follow the tracks from this week-old battle

Tracked to beetle protected entrance of a cave, determined beetles were harmless

Discovered that a screecher fungus blocked the entrance, killed it after taking minor damage

Entered the cave and went to the left, discovering a somewhat recently used torture chamber

Then discovered a pond with a Cave Fisher and killed it

Harvested 60 and 30 foot segments of the cave fishers filaments

320 exp was received for the evening



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