Pathfinder Episodic Story Arcs

Session 9

Onto the plains

Our inquiry about the painting finally bore results. The artist was one Philip Gibson. He is well known for doing scenes from a Goblin Conflict some 10 years ago. However, he hasn’t been seen in nearly as many years.

After rousting early we collected the mounts we had either purchased or rented, and the appropriate equipment. We departed East by SE seeking the Plains Runner Elves to assist them in their conflict with the Ogres. While moving through the the tall grass prairie we spotted a haze to the east, which we assumed would be their camp, and movement to the south, for which we had no good explanation.

We veered south to check out the movement. Atop a rise we found a campsite from which we spied an approaching patrol consisting of an Ogre and four Goblins. Using stealth, we took positions atop the crown of the hill and began whittling away the goblins at range. Thaydron then used well placed magic to slow and halt their advance during which continued ranged attacks until only the Ogre, with his meager wounds, was left. We began to engage then both in melee and range, flanking when opportunity allowed. Soon, that horrid beast had also fallen.

The Ogre had been collecting the ears of my fallen kin and wearing them as a necklace. In fact, he had a bag of ears, not all of which were Elven, apparently collected as bounty. We believe we found the remains of Raeter Eron and Rutt, former companions of ours in the bag as well – though the ears could be from any of their kind.

Looting our foes we obtained 2 haunches Ham, and a total value of 58.15 gp. We obtained 5 gp from one Goblin, and 7 from another. The Ogre had a coin pouch with 3 pp, 15 gp, 10 sp, and 15 cp.

At the end of the conflict, a squad of responding Plains Runners led by Armitage McMacion arrived to investigate our enemies. He was quite knowledgeable, even recognizing my ancient dialect of Dusk Elven from the Realms of Abeir-Toril. I was warned that the dwarves here hale from both the Realm of Athas and this world of Oerth. They are known to hold great antipathy toward my kin. I discussed with him the bounties collected by the fiendish Ogre and the remains were collected to be put to rest properly. Then McMacion invited our troop back to the Elven Camp to collect the bounty on the Ogre.

The Ogres are apparently based someplace in the central plains. Together with the goblins they are working for an unknown person. If I were to speculate, given our own experiences – I believe they may be working for the same family assailing caravans in my home world. If that is the case, they could be using the Goblins to capture supplies on Toril and then creating a market for those supplies by using fiendish forces to attack their clients. If I caught such a monster at home, I should skin him alive one layer at a time using only a cactus needle for each elf he has gotten slain until the poison of their tips finishes him off. I shall relay all to my party at the earliest convenience.

XP: 468



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