Pathfinder Episodic Story Arcs

Session 7

Enter the Thieves Guild

Magic Dagger – +1 Defending Dagger
Magic Battleaxe – +1 Battleaxe
Magic Heavy Pick – +1 Throwing Heavy Pick
Magic Ring – Ring of Protection +1

Sold all masterwork weapons for 3372.08 gold.

The party was able to sell their items and identify the magic weapons. Later on Catkilla bought the best room in the inn for the party, after which he scouted the Henry mansion. Joe became ill and went to the priests for assistance and advice. The rest of the party decided to get some food at the tavern, but changed their minds when the chef turned out to be the main who had been giving them undue attention earlier in the day. A guard of the town’s watch was also paying the party a good deal of attention, and seemed to share a disappointed glance with the chef when the poisoning attempt failed. When Catkilla returned to the inn, he found himself to be locked out. After exploring for a way to get in, he gave up and went to sleep on the roof next to a chimney. The group was awoken near daybreak by a group of assassins picking the lock to the suite. When the battle was over, the party told the innkeeper of the attack and went to inform the constable. As they walked from the constable’s office back to the inn, Thaydron spoke to the constable about the chef and guard at the tavern. The constable said that the guard sounded like Henry’s brother. When the party returned the place was “clean” and the innkeeper, his family and his staff were all missing. The constable marshaled the remainder of his men and initiated a search for the missing persons and the perpetrators. The Gibson family might be involved with the thieves guild.

300 exp for Joe
450 exp for everyone else



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