Pathfinder Episodic Story Arcs

Session 6

Into Ravengro

Raetor and Rutt left the party, deciding the trip wasn’t worth the money anymore. Met Catkilla and Neo of Sporin at their campsite and decided to join forces. Attacked by 7 goblins at the end of the first watch, killed 5. The loot porter goblin was unfortunately killed in a scuffle with Catkilla and Joe. Joe decided to carry all of the dwarven weapons in his backpack. Macarion took one of the light crossbows and 20 bolts; Neo took the other 20 bolts.

After breaking camp, we found the two escaped goblins met up with the tracks we were following, but we had fallen behind as they’d broken camp early. We tracked them as fast as we could manage, eventually finding a spot on the river where the goblins had built a raft while the human spy continued on foot. Farther along, we noticed a spot across the river where the raft had gone ashore, but we decided to keep following the human. We eventually game to Ravengro, where we spoke to the blacksmith about our weapons (he’s holding a warhammer, dagger and morningstar to look for buyers; gave Joe a receipt) and spy. He said he’d fixed the scale mail of someone who kind looked like that, and said the man’s name was Henry (description below).

“Henry Gibson”
black hair slacked back severe widows peak
scale mail
long sword
well worn dark leather backpack
red half cloak

We spoke to the general store keeper about Henry, and he seemed shifty about it. A member of the town guard was also at the store, and when we mentioned that Henry might be selling stolen goods, he said that we should tell the town constable. As they left, Joe told Catkilla that the store keeper was hiding information, so he should keep an eye on them while they talk to the constable. The guard mentioned to Thaydron that there was a druid’s enclave in town where he could board Shere Khan. Thaydron went over to the druids and found out that the party was actually on Oerth (Grayhawk).

The constable said that they were having issues with a local thieves guild, and he would look into the party’s issue if they would help him. He said that the dwarven city was a 7-8 hr stage coach ride away, or about a day’s walk.

D – church
F – general store
G – blacksmith
K – tavern
I – inn
J – house of worship
L – constable’s office (Constable Ordith)
M1 – lessor noble’s house

Finished session by meeting back up with Catkilla and heading to find journeymen magic-users to identify items and saw a person paying us too much attention signal towards the buildings in the direction we were heading.

100 exp for 1 tile
189 exp for 7 goblins
100 exp for story progression



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