Pathfinder Episodic Story Arcs

Session 5

Through the portal Into the Wilds

Our group emerges from the caves out into an unknown area of the land and start to investigate the portal. I was able able to identify that the portal needs a key to return home. But the group of goblins and the man we are tracking seemed to have come this way. We need a master level Wizard to help use. We returned back to the battle field of dead goblins and camp for the night. We sleep throw the night without any events. The next day we follow the track of the groups of goblins to the South West, Near the days end we see the remnants of Durgar watch towers. This is unheard of to my knowledge. We traveled two day and saw a structure a few miles not in the direction of the tracks we are following. The next day we found a Bear cave and argued about why we should not stay in it’s cave. Reater found a good place to rest soon after. that night Thaydron realized the stars and moon do not match the sky of Fearun. The following day we work to help Thaydron to track the goblins faster. Moving past the hills of this region. After getting to a river we found a boat tied to a dock and moved across the river encountering a man and his sons to inform us about the area. Ravengro to the South west down the river past that is the kingdom of Fallen thorn. to the south east in the mountain have a dwarven kingdom Heldren. The plains runner to the far west. giving him a battle axe in exchange for the information and a months worth of food. The sons toke us down the river about an hour and we find the goblins trail making us only about 6 six behind then. leaving us in the evening about ready to camp

60 days trail rations.
440 EXP 2308 total.



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