Pathfinder Episodic Story Arcs

Session 4

Enter the Prisoners

Macarion and Rutt are liberated from their imprisonment by the party. They determine to combine forces and work together for the common goals.

Behind false wall found (All masterwork unless noted as magical):
1 dagger, magic (Reater)
2 daggers
4 lt Maces
2 Morning Stars
3 Long Spears
2 Lt Crossbow
2 Hvy Crossbow (Rutt, Brother Joe)
80 Bolts
5 Throwing Axes
1 Battle Axe, magic: +1 Enhancement (Thaydron)
1 Battle Axe
1 Hvy Pick, magic(Brother Joe)
3 Hvy Picks
2 Warhammers
1 Grt Axe
1 Dwarven War Axe

Observed that a raiding party has left the area and decided to finish checking out the Goblin lair before going after the raiding party.

In the lair, we encountered a mite and giant centipede, 3 professional goblin soldiers, 4 goblins, 1 bugbear.

Captured and interrogated a goblin. Learned the bugbear was leader of the goblins. Things are coordinated with a human with whom about 10 goblins. Found a magic Ring: Protection +1.

100 g: 20 g ea.

XP: 508 ea.



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