Pathfinder Episodic Story Arcs

Session 3

Into the Cave

Moved through the cave passages.

Found some giant centipedes and killed them.

Found another cave fisher. Killed it and managed to harvest its filament gland and another 60 ft silk rope.

In cave fisher cavern, found an arch over the water outlet that had dwarven runes (permanent alarm and expended fire trap) on it, as well as goblin tracks nearby.

Checked last cave branch and found a Darkmantle. Killed it when it attacked the party.

Went down water outlet and found a secondary mining shaft.

Found tracks belong to a bugbear, 10 goblins and the armored individual and the two goblins with him.

Found 2 doors of dwarven make in walls cut into the stone of the mineshaft, along with a small opening that seems large enough for small creatures to get through.

Opened one of the doors and found a room with a rubble surrounded pool and a pile of dusty furs that belonged to a caravan.

Pile of furs was trapped with 10 silver and 8 gold bells, which were retrieved when the trap was disabled.

Underneath the furs was a trap door that led down to a large room with three holding cells.

Two of the cells contained captured adventurers, whom we will escort from the cave.

Malleus and Cet will be heading back to the caravan to update Gorn on the situation.

Gained 860 exp, for a total of 1360.



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