Pathfinder Episodic Story Arcs

Session 1 12/10/15


Daniel – Cleric → Left Monastery for trade mission, ended up in a town
Cet → searching town to drugs
Malleus → Looking for magic
Raeter → Left home → Looking to make fortune → Special interest in robbing clergy
Thaydron → recently befriended war cat → ranging frontier → Scouting incursions → gathering news and supplies

In area → Caravans have been raided and ransacked → No survivors
Also general uprising of goblins = more military presence

Brother Joe = Caravans going east have disappeared. Caravans with escort = survive
Paladins of Lanthur = suggested investigate caravan issue → Start at tavern

Thaydron = Sergeant = town sherriff → Suggest become caravan guard to help out
Raeter = not much coin in city → Goes to Inn
Malleus = Caravan going to Waterdeep sometime this week → Investigates becoming caravan guard
Cet = caravan going to waterdeep → Teamster’s guild in Inn

Waterdeep = Large magic community

Major offensive mustering to attack goblin camp to thin out numbers
Next couple caravans will not have guards

Mal = Caravans normally hit 2-4 days travel out. Not fixed location, but fixed distance from town. Possible spy in town

Town of Keep of Edmund

Looking for Caravan guard → each paid 10 gold advance, 10 gold completion → 30 gold for hazard pay

Staying in two rooms over night

Gorn = Caravan lead → Morningstar, chain mail, shield, crossbow

Edmund went ahead to do scouting

2 Mules per wagon

Thaydron sent to track Edmund

Found tracks → 3 boot tracks → big and little tracks

Porters have crossbows

Mile away from forest, stop

Little tracks are goblin tracks → look to be ordered, focused

Underbush around wagon has been disturbed

Tracks head off to forest

Get 50% of salvage caravan

Fight with Giant Mantis

Defeat Mantis



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